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Legacy Guitar Straps and Saxophone Straps

Since 1972 Legacy has designed and produced high quality guitar straps, saxophone straps and musical accessories. We use only the finest available raw materials and component parts in our products and take pride in offering guitar straps and saxophone straps in unique, original styles and designs at prices that are affordable to all.

Our guitar strap line includes straps made from both synthetic poly and natural cotton webbings. Styles include Christian guitar straps, tie-dye guitar straps and neoprene padded stretch straps designed specifically to be used with bass guitars and heavier than normal instruments. Our line of graphic design guitar straps features many different designs available in a rainbow of colors. All of our guitar straps now come standard with eco-friendly cruelty free synthetic leather ends. After months of testing these ends have proven to be superior in all ways. All guitar straps feature an acoustic tie string that allows for use on either an acoustic or electric guitar and all straps are available in XL(adjust to 60").

Our saxophone strap line includes alto, tenor, baritone and neoprene padded saxophone straps. Our performer series saxophone straps are available in over 50 different woven designs and your choice of hardware. We also offer student version of our performer saxophone straps, available in 6 different woven patterns. Our Ultra Saxophone strap is availabe in four different combinations allowing you to choose the pad matereial, hook type and if the strap has our shock absorbing stretch feature or is fixed(non-stretch), which is better for use in marching bands.

In addition to our saxophone straps and guitar straps Legacy manufactures a new innovative neoprene trumpet valve guard. Made with a light weight neoprene core our trumpet valve guard is comfortable to hold and protects your horn.

All Legacy products are handcrafted in Glenshaw, Pennsylvania, USA, and all straps carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you dont like your guitar strap or saxophone strap, you can return it to Legacy for a full refund. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy our site.

Garry Merola, Legacystraps

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